Word Weave by Anu Krishna

Word Weave 

1. Tell us something about you and Word Weave.

Anu Krishna: Fun loving, free-spirited and someone who takes challenges head on and unleashes herself through her passion…This may not qualify as a standard initial self-introduction, but I would not be myself through this interview piece if I didn’t express it the way I am and the way I see and feel.
To begin, I am a Commerce Graduate from the University of Bombay who has worked as an Auditor while studying to be a CA with a number of firms, companies and banks that included Raptakos and Brett, Dena Bank, MRF to name a few. I am also a Certified Creative Writer (The Writers Bureau, UK), an NLP Practitioner (NFNLP, USA) and on my way to becoming an NLP Coach. A couple of feathers in my cap would include being an Operations Lead with an education based company, a CMO with an software start up handling Business Development, and a Bangalore Correspondent with a Goan publication, magazine.
I am also a freelance writer with Deccan Herald, a prominent daily newspaper (Art and Culture, Travel and Education sections) and with various other e-zines. The creative bug also extends to writing short stories which have been published in print and online.

About Word Weave:
It was only a matter of time before I realized the bubbling urge for the love of words that I had effectively thrashed into a tight can in exchange for the ‘pre-fit’ world boomeranged right back and once the can opened, the literary world opened a host of opportunities. Dotted with workshops and sessions for years, the need to follow my passion that meant helping people to communicate better, express themselves confidently and evolve their persona by bringing out their best essence, led to the birth of Word Weave; the tagline being ‘where tact meets emotion’! We weave words in a way that it enables people to bridge the gap between tact and emotion and create an impact for themselves. With a string of success stories, the entrepreneur in me only knows how to tactfully have fun with emotions.

I am a trainer and coach and through Word Weave I organize workshops and sessions on Personal Branding and Responsive Communication in conversational English for anyone who wants to re-position themselves effectively to their influencers and makes an impact in their personal or professional space! Personal presence comes before the company or the product/service and at Word Weave, we spruce this up for individuals in a very systematic and time-tested manner.
The current need for professionals, entrepreneurs or aspiring ones, is an effective re-positioning to appear on the radar and get noticed; here’s where I step in and create profiles for them in different versions that can be used by them as introductions, before speeches, in citations, in company brochures, magazines…
A further discovery while doing the workshops, where I understood that people needed to work on their thoughts and channelize them properly to be able unlock their potential and shine through any situation. Hence the ‘inside-out’ motto where I coach my clients to find the strategy within themselves against any challenge in their lives.
The passion for words, the love for children and my childlike enthusiasm fused into Creative Writing and Thinking workshops called ‘Scribble Pad’ where I coach children to direct their creative worm towards story writing in an environment of fun and freedom! ‘Catch them young’ and they express themselves through writing and enhance their life skills is what I aim through these workshops.
Also, I have exclusive coaching sessions on a one-to-one basis for individuals who want to work on any area of their life they feel that they are stuck with.

2. NS: What message you want to give to women who want to achieve their dream of being an entrepreneur come true but cannot put forth the important first step towards it?
Anu Krishna: I run a community for women on Facebook that concentrates on networking and provides women an environment where they can connect, share and learn called ‘Power Women’ and my message to them at the turn of 2016 was,
‘The path maybe long and winding, but your resolve is to conquer and win!
Love what you do, Reveal your true spirit and Go For It’
My five important lessons of entrepreneurship that I want to share with other women who are at crossroads with the first step:
• Walk forward and never look back; the past must be used only as an experience
• Fear is a story that we convince ourselves of; there’s no one who can stop you other than you
• If you have a passion for anything with supporting skills, jump right into it; discover the entrepreneur in you
• Everything that you want lies on the other side of your comfort zone; take that leap
• Go with your instinct; it leads you to a better place
The arena for women entrepreneurs in India is wide and welcoming of anyone who wants to start their own business; whether that’s from home or from an office. “Your dreams are your business; take care of it!”

3. NS: What is your success mantra?
Anu Krishna: Loving what I do and putting my heart into every little interaction, every little workshop and every little detail has seen my business touch the lap of success through my personal touch! This personalized attention on the phone or face-to-face has been in perfect alignment with my conviction, “People and their emotions come first, the other missing pieces find their way into the jigsaw puzzle.”

4. What are your future plans for Word Weave?
Anu Krishna: My dream is for Word Weave to be able to provide coaching to as many people including children to be able to lead better quality lives through the ‘inside-out’ motto where unlocking their potential, allowing them to express and enabling them get to the next level will be of prime most importance. The Creative Writing workshops will see many authors coming forward to lend their support and flash the joys of the writing world with children.
This year Word Weave will be launching workshops/sessions in the ‘Youth Segment’ which will cater to the ages 14-24 in the interest of creating powerful and confident leaders for tomorrow. Also, Word Weave will be collaborating with people like educationists, counsellors and companies who carry the same passion and dream.
Do tune into the Facebook page and my personal cardsite for regular eye-catching updates and the constant ‘wow’ factor!

Anu’s favorite:
Season: Summer and spring where the joys of warmth and blossom keep my dreams always in full bloom.
Color: Blue, Yellow, Black and Red.
Book: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.
Music: Scorpions, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Kishore Kumar, the list is endless…

—Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.narisakhi.com

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