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1. NS: Tell us something about you and Red Polka.

Vishakha: A major part of my career has been in the media field where I have worked with top media conglomerates like The Times Group, Future Media and Network18 for over 15 years. I was a part of launch team of Times Now. We worked towards making Times Now no. 1 channel in the general news space. It was during my stint in The Times Group that I was exposed to consumer behavioural trends towards brands. After Times Now, I moved to Future Media, a Kishore Biyani firm, which is out and out about understanding consumers’ behaviour. After a 2 year stint with Future Media, I felt it was time to go on my own with my shopper marketing agency. I knew my strengths—understanding shopper behaviour and women fashion. So, I founded Red Polka, an e-comm enabling portal targeted at women shoppers.
Red Polka is a platform for women shoppers to discover & buy curated fashion and lifestyle designs. We devote ourselves to discovering new and hidden designers from all over the country. Our team of curators handpick the best of the best from the designers and we showcase a curated collection via a weekly fashion edition which has gained popularity among our audience. We get a repeat traffic of 35% on daily basis to our site.
In a nutshell, Red Polka stands for the chosen one! – Designs that are chosen from the fashion and lifestyle range. It is a podium to discover, crave, love and talk about curated designs in fashion and lifestyle shopping, be it from a designer label, or from the lady next-door, from high-streets to shopping web portals.
Red Polka, the DOS Interactive Pvt Ltd initiative, is targeted at women shoppers in the age bracket of 23 plus. Designer brands pay a fee to register with Red Polka to showcase their products. Currently, we are working with more than 150 such designers and retailers who we have discovered for the shoppers.

2. NS: How is red polka different from other online stores?
Vishakha: In the last one year, we have seen many big players entering fashion discovery space. Since it is a new space, new models are being experimented with and that’s what makes all of us different from each other. In our case, we rely heavily on interest graphs of our audience which we generate with the help of analytics.
We are a curation led fashion discovery portal which means that even if our designers launch a big collection, we choose the best of the crème of their line and showcase them on our site. The weekly fashion editions are backed by stories behind the brand and the designers. Our column Tuesday Tales is particularly gaining popularity. In a nutshell, we are passionate storytellers who curate fashion and lifestyle designs and enable upcoming designers to broaden their market reach.

3. NS: What is your success mantra?

Vishakha: Our success mantra is to not to lose focus of our shoppers. We believe we are catering to independent thinking women who are intelligent and are updated about global trends in the fashion industry. Thus, we keep in tandem with the latest fashion trends in the industry and the success of curation led model and proved it time and again that we are able to showcase the best and the latest for the shoppers.
On the other hand, we have our designers. We believe they are creating something exciting and we have taken it upon themselves to let the World know about them. Thus, we place a special focus on telling their stories, bringing these powerhouses of talent under one roof so that the creativity flows without any limits.

4.NS: What are your future plans for red polka?

Vishakha: We have gone live with a new and upgraded version of our website a few days back. We are adding some new features in the coming months. We are also in a team expansion mode. It is extremely important for us to attract the right talent. We have hired Parnil Mhatre as CTO whose forte is artificial intelligence. The company will be developing AI aided algorithms to curate fashion and lifestyle designs for women shoppers.

Vaisakha’s favourites
Season: Baarish
Colour: White
Music: All kinds
Fashion Designer: All on Red Polka

—-Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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