Skin Hydrating Face Pack

To prevent dry skin 

  • Drink Water regularly
  • Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Clean make up on face before going to bed.
  • Do not use harsh chemical based cleansers or makeup on face.
  • Avoid aerated drinks and junk food.

How to make skin hydrating face pack 

Honey, Oatmeal And Milk Hydrating Face Pack nourishes your skin and makes it glowing and soft. Honey acts as a natural moisturizing agent and helps your skin to retain the moisture. Oats have anti-acne properties, thus help to get rid of blackheads and cleanse your skin, helps to maintain moisture. Milk helps to cleanse skin without drying your skin

Honey 1 tbsp
Oats 3 tbsp
Milk 2 tbsp




Crush oats , Mix honey and milk to form a smooth paste.
Clean your face and remove any make up.
Apply the pack onto your clean face and neck, leaving it there for 20-25 minutes.
When you are through then wash it off with clean water.
If needed apply a little bit of your favorite moisturizer or coconut oil or almond oil.
Enjoy your glowing, soft, supple skin.

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