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About Shambhavi and her Venture
Shambhavi, in the world of Tarot reading needs no introduction. She was a thorough professional before adorning herself to this wonderful world of tarot. As she looks back she realizes that it’s been a journey of 17 wonderful years since she has been reading and interpreting cards.

Her Journey has been very interesting having featured in Femina, Bombay Times, local newspaper of Powai – Planet Powai and lots of online coverage’s along with her presence in some prominent apps like Baby Chakra & Connect 2 Guru, she is only reaching out to many. Shambhavi associates herself for a Nobel cause every year and, also been an integral part of Elle Carnival held every year for the past three years consecutively and been an in-house Tarot Reader with Marriot, Juhu and Out of the Blue , Mumbai for the past several years, she has innumerable prestigious associations in her repertoire of work. She is also closely associated with retails / corporate giants like Future group – Pantaloons, DHL, JLT etc. To name a few.
She has been a guest speaker at ‘One with Nature- beyond academics in January 2014 on “Colours Psychology and Vaastu with Children” in 2014 and special invitee at Hathautee Mumbai Book fair exhibition and ‘the great Indian wedding’ in Melhua, Powai.
Her sphere of knowledge apart from Tarot includes Colour therapy, Healing through Art, Logo Analysis for new businesses, Numerelogy, Switchwords, Vaastu, Meditation, Space Cleansing, Life Coach and lot more .. She loves to keep upgrading her knowledge.

1. NS: Can anyone experience Psychic Awakening? How can one realize Psychic Awakening?
Truly answering the question yes anyone can experience it. One must only know what to expect during the awakening.
Tingling Sensation or Pressure
you may begin to develop this in the “third eye” area (between the eyebrows), at the crown of the head, or in your chakras. This happens for two reasons:* you are picking up energetic signals * your chakras are opening up
in the beginning stages of development, this sensation can be very strong.
Connection with Spirit
you might find that you are having a stronger connection to the spirit world. In other words, it may become easier for you to sense the presence of Spirit: Your spirit guides, angels, and your own loved ones in heaven.

Desire to be Away from Negativity
you may also find that you are picking up on the emotions and feeling of others quite easily. This is known as being empathic. Because of your sensitivity, you might feel drained being around people who are very negative or dramatic.

Desire to Eat Healthier Foods
you might suddenly be reaching for a salad instead of a junk food! Since you are drawn to vegetables and easy diet. We are all vibrational beings and one vibrates at a higher frequency.

Desire to Learn and Be More Spiritual
Most everyone who experiences a psychic awakening has an appetite to learn. As we open up, we are shedding our old skins and subconsciously remembering the luminance of our soul. To that end, it’s common to want to read everything we can get our hands on, learn as much as possible, and walk a more spiritual path.

Frequent or Vivid Dreams
vivid dreaming, or dreaming more often, is another common symptom of psychic awakening. There are two reasons for this. When you are sleeping, there is no resistance. In other words, your mind is not getting in the way of what you are receiving intuitively. So, during the day you might get a feeling about something and say to yourself, “Hmm, should I trust my gut feeling, or is this just my logical mind?” In the sleep state, that resistance is not present. And don’t worry, this does not necessarily mean that your dreams are premonitions. As you open up, it becomes much easier to access other levels of consciousness, such as the dream state. It’s helpful (and fun!) to start keeping a dream journal near your bed.

Heightened Sensitivity of Your Physical Senses
if you find that your hearing is heightened, you are seeing twinkles of light, or “something” out of the corner of your eye… Congratulations! It means that your psychic senses or “clairs,” are opening up and getting stronger. This is a normal part of the awakening process.

Intuitive “Hits”
Having a sense that something is going to happen or receiving a third eye vision is another sign. For some, this can be very exciting; for others, it’s very frightening. If you are in the latter category:
· set the intention that you will not receive any scary messages or visions.
· Practice using intuitive guidance on yourself as much as possible. This will allow you to become familiar with it; and in time, it will feel natural and comfortable. Tip: You’ll also learn to control your gifts eventually – your psychic ability does not need to be turned “on” at all times.

Headaches :
The headaches are terrible, aren’t they? Unfortunately, they are pretty common. They are caused by the influx of energy. One thing you can do to try to combat this problem is to soak your feet in warm water. This will help bring the energy down to your feet, and away from your head. Feel free to add salts or essential oils to the water.

Losing Friends – Making New Ones
the path of psychic awakening is exciting! Your soul will grow tremendously during this time. You may find that you are outgrowing some friends, and things that were once important to you no longer are. It’s okay; the Universe will put new people in your path. Continue to trust.

2. NS: What advice would you give to women who want to live life full of positive energy?

Shambhavi: Everything in life is very temporary and is a passing phase. Nature is our best teacher. Neither the brightness of the Day nor the darkness of the night is permanent.
A bad time, as we term it is a temporary stillness which allows us to introspect of what lies ahead.
Learn from it instead of mourning over it.

3. NS: What are your future plans for your venture?
Shambhavi: A lot is in store with Tarot for U. The logo is in the process of being registered then there will be certificate courses and more events and workshops lined up.

4. NS: What are the services provided by you and how can they contact you?
Shambhavi: Tarot Reading & Classes Vaastu Doodles
Logo Analysis Color Analysis Life Coach
Switchwords Healing through Art
Email id:
Mobile / WhatsApp: 9890249456
Shambhavi‘s success mantra?
Dedication… Punctuality …

Shambhavi‘s favorites
Color : All light Colours
Season : Monsoon
Movie : Nothing in specific
Book : A Lie & A Truth by Nandan Gautam, Laws of The Spirit world.
Music : Anything soft and soothing

—————–Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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