Rita Dave: Singer with a passion for music

Rita Dave, a Graduate in commerce from Gandhinagar University, former press reporter for major Gujarati newspaper, former Ahmedabad Doordarshan announcer is a famous duet singer who can sing in male and female voice melodiously.
As a child Rita had passion for singing. As she was growing up she started singing for friends and family get together. On a quiet rainy evening she was enjoying coffee listening to her favorite singer and lightening like thoughts strike her that she should reach more audience with her melodious voice and she took singing profession seriously.
Her journey did not stop here. She was joking around with friends on the phone with men’s voice and her friend did not recognize her voice so she realized she has talent for men’s voice.
She turned this into an opportunity and started singing with dual voice. Her fans from all over the globe appreciated her talent and now she is one of Gujarat’s female singer who can sing in male and female voice.
Rita has also released her music CD Rita Dave ni Ramjet”.

She sings Garbha, Bollywood songs, wedding songs, mehendi, karaoke, bajan, “and Gujarati diaro.

Rita’s Future plans
She wants to reach audience globally of all ages and all cultures and wants to be one of the famous duet singer.

Rita’s Success Mantra:
Love your work and success will follow you.

Rita’s Favorite

Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
In music any thing . I love to listen… I love music because of music my life is very beautiful
Colour: black
Season: Monsoon

Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.narisakhi.com

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