Prateeti Shukla founder of Art Blend Cafe

Prateeti Shukla
Prateeti Shukla has 12+ years of IT experience, and food is her passion. She always wanted to enter into food industry, and Art Blend Cafe is result of that. She wanted to create a space where people not only come for food but for a different experience, this is how Art Blend Cafe was born.
Art Blend Cafe
Art Blend – Coffee with a Hobby aspires to create a space for artists as well as those with an artistic germ, coffee lovers or lovers of conversation. It is the ideal place for meeting up with friends, spending quality time with those you love, learning a new craft, painting with some caffeine kick, or simply to dig into that book you have been wanting to finish from a long time. Art Blend Café runs regular art and craft workshops covering jewellery making, clay modelling, bunting, origami, embossing and much more. It also provides space for artists, photographers and crafters to display their works.

1. NS: How is Art Blend Café different from other Café?
Prateeti Shukla: Art Blend Café is known today because of its unique concept of blending Art with Food, and people like this place, as we have lot to offer to them. We run Workshops, conduct classes, display and sell all sorts of Art and Craft. We have board games to engage our guest while the food is served. We also host events on occasions like Women’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. We also conduct birthday and kitty parties with craft activities, which is a hit amongst kids and ladies. Kids enjoy birthday parties here because we have “Make it take it Return Gift” concept.

2. NS: What is Art Blend Café Vision?
Prateeti Shukla: We want to see Art Blend Cafe growing in all parts of India, so very soon we will be open for Franchise.

3. NS: What about other female entrepreneurs? Any tips for them
Prateeti Shukla: I think all female entrepreneurs are doing well these days, especially at urban places. Women have more will power compared to men, and if they decide to go ahead and start their venture nobody can stop them. They will do much better than men, as they are more dedicated and laborious.
So my tips for all female entrepreneurs would be to go behind your dreams, and when you succeed its altogether a different experience which cannot be expressed in words.

Prateeti’s Favorite:
Season: Winters
Book: Ladies Who Launch, by Victoria Colligan, Beth Schoenfeld with Amy Swift.
Artist: Jagjit Singh
Music: Gazals and all-time favorite old Hindi songs
Movie: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

—Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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