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Kavita Jain a designer and the founder of Needle Doodle, born in Shillong (Meghalaya), brought up in Assam and currently resides in Bangalore. Her childhood was nurtured by deep family bonding. She graduated in commerce from Assam, and then came to Bangalore to pursue her PG in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology from NIFT, Bangalore. Her creative instincts grew and her skills found a complementary dimension with the academic rigor @ NIFT. To further her career, she studied Retail Business course to nurture the Retail / Commercial dimension to her creative skills, besides earning this prestigious diploma, while she resided in UK.

Kavita is based in Bangalore, live with her family and work from home as a mom-entrepreneur.

Kavita’s venture Needle Doodle in her words.
“My business offers innovative handmade creations from fabric for a simple and elegant lifestyle. I don’t restrict my needle to a certain product line…whatever comes to my mind; I endeavor to give my imagination a shape. The motive of the business is to offer “Something different” that a customer cannot purchase from anywhere else. It is the little bit extra that tip the balance in my favor if all else is equal.
My love for designing, sewing, working with embellishments and an urge to start of something of my own found a way to engage my dancing needle and I started “NEEDLE DOODLE” from home and technology has been a massive facilitator to manage work and life.
Business always fascinated me and today when I look back I feel delighted and proud that sitting at home I can accomplish wonders and reach out to the world. I have customers across India and abroad.
I predominantly conduct my business through online channel and participate in a few exclusive exhibitions in a year. In the past 3 years, we have appreciation from 38 countries and expanding, notably, even by accommodating other chores and investing only a portion of my time to my creative corner.
One of my product line in Needle Doodle is “Addiction”, a series of stylish bags, which has touched the hearts of women in many countries. And after the success of “Addiction” I have added extension lines to the series – “Add Blend”, “Add Ons” and “Add Vibes”.
“Add-Blend” is an extension of Addiction range of women bags, where I design with offbeat fabric combinations.
“Add-Ons” range is addition to the feminism, where I design extension products, akin mobile cover, key chains, iPad covers etc.
“Add-Vibes” is my recent addition, where I use materials, designs and colors to attract positive vibes from nature. I use different elements of earth and will embellish with stylish accessories and different color palette.
I publish blogs on my bags called “Know your SideWalk” and also a corner from my clients, “A Scoop from my clients”. I invite readers to my creative corner to visualize what I do and how I make people addictive to my ‘addiction’ for handmade creations at:

“Stay Connected….Being different is beautiful “

1. NS: How and why did you come up with the name needle doodle?
Needle Doodle: Even before conceiving and becoming a mother, I dreamt of starting business of my own. After giving birth to twins, it took a little while to settle down in the new responsibility of motherhood. Eventually when I started, I was searching for a name which is livelier, playful and at the same time dissuade definition of a target customer or product. While playing with my kids I saw them doodling with pencil on paper and realized that something admirable is coming out while doodling. And I realized that when doodling with needle, we come up with something alluring. Ever since my kids doodle with pencil and Mommy doodle with Needle. So, the word Needle Doodle means doodling with needle to create something unique. Whatever comes to my mind, I try to give my imagination a shape by doodling my needle.

2. NS: Who is your motivating force behind your success?
Needle Doodle: I always dreamt of doing something of my own and wanted an appropriate opportunity. After arrival of my kids, I left my job since the attachment with my kids did not allow returning to full time work again. However my passion for doing something of my own bought me to the cross road, where I found my way to my journey of doing something which I dreamt. My husband always encourages my decision and my kids provide the real push to the journey. My motivation comes from the phrase, “If the door is closed, open up all the windows. Nothing can stop you. Just by walking an extra step, you will find yourself where you want to be…” This is how my life moves and my biggest satisfaction is that without neglecting my little darlings, I am able to work. We work together. They work as my business partners.
I feel excited that I able to do what I like!

3. NS: What are your future plans for needle doodle?

Needle Doodle: Well, Needle Doodle is in the growing stage. In the last few years we have reached my places and received appreciation from all over the world. Now we wish to spread our wings further by venturing into online market place, have retail space for our clients to visit and experience the products. We are also adding to the products range and the recent is the addition of accessories in Needle Doodle.

4. NS:How do you market your business?
Needle Doodle: We market through social media platforms, selected exhibitions in a year, word of mouth and yes blogging for the product which is helping to reach outside the border.
Blog link:…ur-sidewalk-3/

5. NS: What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of your work?
Needle Doodle: The most blissful aspect is that I do what I love the most. Then my clients bestow their confidence by loving my creations and sharing the lovely words of appreciation for my addiction. The positive vibes that I receive from people all over the world allow me to work more and spread my wings. The help and the support that my family extends is gratifying and encouraging to stick to my confidence.
In the last couple of years my work has reached more than 38 countries. It’s featured in leading newspapers of Delhi, Bangalore (Deccan Herald, Bangalore Mirror) boost from noteworthy bloggers and sites like BabyChakra, Yellow Giraffe, Bags Lounge, Talk to Tiger, Smart Indian Women endowed significant confidence. My work was also featured in an online magazine called “Urban Times” based in UK. My little creative gesture for John Lewis in London had put myself along with my colleague on the cover page of their magazine.
One would imagine, being able to create an identity for myself is a significant gratification, next only to appreciation from my customers and a smile on their face.

6. NS:What are the sources people can place order?

Needle Doodle: Currently we sell our products through Facebook page and exhibitions. Also, I encourage and welcome customers from Bangalore to visit my place and apprehend the entire product range to pick a piece of addiction.

7. Kavita’s Favorites
Color: All colors express distinct message and it depend on mood what I wear
Season: I love Fall, the moderately cold moderately warm temperature, not too wet, with all the beautiful colors of nature being splashed all over, with pink and green and golden and red leaves all around, cheer in the atmosphere with people preparing for holidays and the budding fresh saplings starting the cycle of life all over again.
Movie: I love drama and thriller, with realism – the likes of Titanic, Avatar, Jurassic Park, A Beautiful Mind, and Jurassic World etc.
Book: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare and “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
Music: Usually contemporary Hindi movie music, but also love English beats from Beatles and Pink Floyd.

—————————Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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