Natural ways to get rid of lice

Use natural ingredients to get rid of lice

1. Mix few drops of neem oil to your hair oil and let it soak for an hour and then wash it with shikakai or shampoo. Beware of strong smell of neem oil. Try this on weekends to avoid people running away from you.

2. Mix camphor with oil. Apply this oil to your hair and comb your hair with comb. All lice will come down. Lice don’t prefer strong and bitter odor.

3. Crush neem capsules and mix with hair oil. Massage deeply and wash hair next day to get rid of lice.

4. Do not share personal items like combs, brushes, clips, hair bands, hats, scarves, coats, brushes or towels.

5. Never try on hats or any head-wear while at a shop. This way you put yourself at risk of contracting lice. Never touch head to head with any person.

6. Take 20 drops of each of rosemary, tea tree and lavender oil and put them in measuring cup. Now, add vinegar to the essential oils and add double the amount of olive oil so you have half a cup of the mixture.
Apply this to your child’s scalp and leave on overnight. Wash off the next morning. If you still see lice use it again after 2 days.

7. Grind the seeds of custard apple. Add a little coconut oil. Mix well. Apply on to scalp and hair leave it for 10-15 minutes and shampoo your hair.

8. Camphor also helps to get rid of lice. Crush camphor, mix with oil and comb your hair after half an hour and wash it off with mild shampoo and water.

9. In the coconut oil fry Kadi patta/ curry leaves till it turns to black and use this oil in the night and wash your hair thoroughly.

10. One of the best way of getting rid of lice is to clean your head as much as possible, use conditioner to make your hair silky soft. Lice enemy is cleanliness….. So start the abhiyaan for clean hair and remove lice.

11. The best way of getting rid of lice is using a fine teeth lice comb. Wet the hair liberally with a conditioner and then comb the hair. By frequently combing the hair one can get rid of lice and nits effectively. Or use of anti-lice oil which contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, camphor and Neem extracts (Medicare available in India) is very effective. These methods are tried and tested

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