Natural way to cool your body in summer

Natural way to cool your body
In the hot summer you want to keep your body cool and natural way to cool your body is the best method. Here are few tips to cool your body with food.

1. Watermelon, You can eat watermelon in chunks or pass it through blender and serve with ice cubes.

2. Corriander and mint chutney helps to cool your body. Use this chutney for dippings or serve with dosa,rice and chapati

3. Corriander seed tea: boil water with corrainder seed , add jaggery or sugar and enojy the cooling corriander tea.

4. Gul Kand is very cooling, eat a teaspoon of gulkuand with cold milk either early in the morning or at night .

5. Saunf/badishep is good cooling agent. Chew some saunf after meals. It will help you to digest food, get rid of bad breath and cool body as well.

6. Cucumber and moong dal are also good for cooling body heat

7. Saunf with black dried grapes or manooka is very cooling to the body.
Grind saunf, soak it in water overnight along with black raisins and drink that water ion the morning after straining, It is very cooling and lowers cholestrol also.

8. Buttermilk with corriander and cumin seed powder is cooling to the body. Never drink buttermilk after 7 pm. Avoid butter milk during winter season.

9. Soak Green gram overnight and grind it in morning, strain it and drink. You can add salt for taste, it is a drink which cools body. You can have it everyday in empty stomach.

10. Ragi /Nachni (finger millet in english) works like cooling agent for body and highly rich in fibre. Good and healthy food for diabetics too. Ragi can taken as Ragi malt (soup), with butter milk, Ragi sangati, Ragi dosa and ragi idli etc. The best and quick making of ragi is Ragi jawa.

Boil 2 glasses of water in a vessel.

In 1/4cup cold water mix 4tbsp of ragi flour without lumps

Slowly add this to boling water and mix well.

Add salt and boil in simmer for 4-5mins.

Off the flame and cool it down

Mix one full glass of butter milk and serve..

11. Tender coconut water is also good for cooling body.

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