Nancy Katyal founder of The Perfect You

1. NS: Tell us something about you and your venture.

Nancy: I would like to describe myself as a facilitator who works with people to overcome their deep seated beliefs and behaviors that prevent them from reaching their full potential. At TPY (ThePerfectYou) we do learning sessions with Corporate, SME’s, Entrepreneurs, Schools, Colleges and Individuals on the ABC of Image management that is Appearance, Behavior and Communication aspects. We also provide training on several other topics like Assertive communication, Body language, Leadership skills, Customer service, Interpersonal skills and Listening Skills etc.
My last assignment was as a centre head of a well renowned school after that I realized it’s time I follow my heart and passion. My present venture (TPY) is designed to help my clients accentuate their personal brand. Through the venture we are providing support to people in overcoming doubt and fear, brushing their communication skills, pitching ideas and creating a strong personal brand for themselves. We help people become more successful and make a lasting impression in their social, personal and professional lives.

2. NS: What message you want to give to women who want to achieve their dream of being an entrepreneur come true but cannot put forth the important first step towards it?

Nancy: I believe diversity of thought is very important. As entrepreneurs we should look to be original and come up with an interesting concept that first of all excites you and keeps you awake in night till you do something with it. Hold yourself to high standards and don’t underestimate what you are capable of doing with that idea.
After that it is really about finding the right support framework to launch your idea in the marketplace. Please never shy away from asking for support. You will be surprised how many like minded people and forums are open to give advice and support to help you in taking your dream forward…all it takes is reaching out.
I also feel it is not fair to demand an immediate pay cheque from your entrepreneur venture. You must have a smart and stable plan in tact about providing you the money till you gain some confidence with your new venture. Don’t let your entrepreneur journey be burdened with bills you have to pay from day 1. For example, I would not advise you to quit your day job from day 1, planning & saving are the key really before you take the plunge.

3. NS: What is your success mantra?
Nancy: Success comes in many ways and forms.
I am a curious person always wanting to learn more and gain new insights about people behaviours and skills. This helps me to act decisively in difficult situations and provide the right advice to people based on their roles and goals.
For me success is the by-product of the world around you recognizing the value you add through your work and making a difference. I always believe that my best is yet to be, and success in that sense is a goal posted that you continuously strive for.
I also indulge a lot in reading, keep myself happy, surround myself with positive people and take care of my health.
Whatever little success I have achieved I owe a lot to my parents, my husband-Vikas ,my daughter- Ishita, my supportive friends & family members who made terrific contributions & made this journey so beautiful, having said that I won’t deny my pain staking efforts, the sleepless nights and the determination & persistence I have always put in to follow my dreams.

4. NS: What are the positive qualities you think makes a successful woman?
• Focused – realising that you cannot do everything and it is best to focus on the activities that will give the highest return on the goals

• Risk takers –Not many of us really take the risk to do what we love doing, however for those who do, they are the ones who make it and become successful. Successful people have the courage to begin and have the courage to do what they love doing & continue on their idea.
• Seeking feedback on your product, being open for reviewing your pitch with your peers or a close friend is a great quality. It allows you to remain flexible and open to potential improvements.
• Knowing when to let go: We all will have moments in life where people will be unhappy because you are happy, instead of dwelling too much into that, women should learn to let go and channelize their energy on doing better work. As one of the famous Bollywood Celebrity once said “Even if you say what you feel and what is right, people will still say what they have to say hence let your work do the talking.”
• Self belief- If you believe in doing great work, things might be difficult sometimes however the right and amazing people will support you and the energy created in the end will be beautiful.

5. NS: What are your future plans for “TheperfectYou”?

Nancy: We want to focus on expanding our work to empower Corporate India, colleges, schools and academies on the importance of Life skills, Soft skills & Image management. As per a recent study, only 4.69 percent of the total workforce in India has undergone formal skill training hence a big scope for us to expand. TPY is my dream venture and I live it every moment and would love to have people with similar vision on board.

Our website-
Twitterhandle- @nancykatyal

Nancy’s Favourite
Book: ‘Originals’ by Adam Grant & Start with why’ – by Simon Sinek.
Music: I love all kind of music; however one of my favourite singers is Arijit Singh.
Destination: Vancouver & my parents place – Karnal
Quote- I love this quote by Mahatria Ria “ Take pride in how far you have come. Have faith in how far you can go”

–Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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