Murmure Ladoo| Puffed Rice Ladoo

Murmure laddo is favorite snack for children and for adults too. It is very easy to make murmure laddu with very few ingredients. Ladus are good source of iron as we add jaggery to the laddo. This can be healthy snacks for kids and good dessert for lunch box.

Murmure laddu/ Puffed Rice


3 Cups Murmure (Puffed Rice )

1 tbsp. Ghee

1 cup Jaggery Grated


Roast murmure (puffed rice) on low flame for 2 minutes to make it crunchy.

Remove from the pan and keep aside.

Keep a pan on medium flame.

Add Ghee (butter).

Add grated jiggery to the pan. Melt the jaggery on low flame

Add 1 tsp of melted jaggery in cold Water
check if it forms like a ball that means jaggery is ready.

Add melted jaggery to murmure.

Mix Jaggery and murmure well.

Wet your palms with water.  Roll laddos when warm.

Once laddos are cooled down store them in an airtight container.

Notes: Make sure murmure is clean.

Roast murmure on low flame for crunchiness.

Make sure jaggery is of good quality.