How to whiten teeth at home

Sakhis, olden days people had healthy teeth and whiter teeth. The reason behind is they ate healthy and had healthy lifestyle.

I have few tips about getting whiter and healthier teeth
1. Avoid tea, coffee, soda or any aerated drinks.
2. Brush your teeth after every major meal.
3. Eat an apple or carrot after meal. Fibres in apple and carrot helps to remove stuck food in between teeth
4. Avoid sugary, sweet food
5. Baking soda and salt acts as a teeth whitener.
6.Crush strawberry and mix little bit of baking soda and salt. Brush your teeth with this mixture for whiter and shinier teeth
7. Drink less coffee, tea, soda, red wine. They stain teeth quickly.
8.Drink from a straw as much as possible
9. Try munching on apples, celery and carrots after meal which have enough abrasiveness to clean tooth surface without harming the enamel.
10. Floss your teeth everyday to remove food stuck between teeth.
11. Include milk, yogurt and cheese in your diet to increase intake of calcium which helps to keep teeth strong and healthy.

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