How to promote hair growth and prevent premature grey hairs

Hair Growth Hair Mask
This hair mask will help the growth of hair and also prevent premature graying of hair.
Yogurt nourishes hair and makes hair smooth and silky.
Curry leaves helps prevent premature graying of hair.
Methi/ Fenugreek seeds helps promote hair growth

1 cup yogurt
4 sprigs of curry leaves
1/4 cup Fenugreek /methi seed powder (fine powder)


  • Clean Curry leaves and remove curry leaves from stem.
  • Blend together curry leaves and yogurt using blender.
  • Add Fenugreek/Methi Seed powder stir.
  • Apply on hair and keep it on hair for 30-45 minutes.
  • Wash it of with water.

If you find fenugreek entangled in hair then when your hair is 80 percent wet, comb with wide tooth comb.

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