How to make kajal at home

take a brass plate and rub it with aloe vera and then light a lamp with some ghee in it but dip the thread that burn in some karisilangkanni juice which is sometime used for liver problems and hair and so on just like aloe vera it is a great healer of body, put it to dry and now roll it into a thread and light a mud lamp with some castor oil in it and let the soot collect on the plate as u keep it in one corner with the plate rubbed with aloe vera facing the light now this is better done in the night as the air movement is more lesser then in the morning just scrape out the soot and with a little bit of either butter or castroil collect the soot slowly mixing with the oil or butter and keep it in a clean dry box to use later one must be careful while mixing it should not be too thick or too thin the right consistency of paste if it is thin it would seep out fast and if thick tough to apply as there would be nodules….

Contributed by Sunkan

Second method by Dr. Jyoti Gupta
lit a diya of pure ghee.
place a steel katori over the diya at a little height.
you can place a spoon for support.the carbon omitted by diya will start accumulating on the ineer walls of katori.
when you get enough carbon colelcted,mix it well with a few drops of pure ghee to form a smooth paste.
store in air tight vessel.
you can use it for many months.

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