How to make broccoli puree baby food

High in vitamins A and K, fiber-filled broccoli is healthy. Easy to follow instructions to learn how to make broccoli puree. Broccoli can create gas in some babies so best time to feed broccoli to baby is when baby is active. Broccoli is one of those vegetables that have a really bad reputation and is also very challenging to prepare in a palatable manner for children.

You can use frozen or fresh broccoli. When purchasing fresh, pick broccoli with tight florets and rich green color (stalks will be a lighter green). One medium-sized bunch of broccoli yields about eight ounces of puree.



Liquid of your choice (Water, Milk, Baby formula)


Blend to a smooth paste using any liquid medium (Water, Milk, Baby formula) of your choice. Method :

Separate out broccoli florets.

Clean broccoli florets

Add some water to the steamer.

Spread broccoli florest on the steamer evenly.

Cover and steam for 5-7 minutes or fork tender.Let it cool down.

Serve it.

You can also freeze broccoli puree.

If you are fressing puree than adjust the consitency while serving.

Note: Always check with your pediatrician before introducing your baby to a new food, particularly if your baby has food allergies. Additionally, some pediatricians do not recommend making your own carrot, beet, or spinach puree because these fresh veggies can be higher in nitrates.

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