How to cure cracked heels

Prevention is better than cure and if you cannot prevent it, A stitch in time saves nine..

When you start noticing cracks on your heels, cure them before they get deeper and start giving pain..

1. The most simplest and easiest possible way being followed since ages is applying coconut oil to the heels and then resting the feet in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes.

2. Adding juice from half a lemon to warm water and resting feet on it also helps.

3. Massage the cracks with warm mustard oil or apply vaseline before going to bed and cover the legs with a pair of socks..

4.Apply vaseline, aloe vera gel for cracked heels.

5. fresh aloe vera gel can be rubbed to cure cracked heel as well as burning sensation of cracked heel.

6. Wash your legs well. In 1/2 a tub of slightly hot water(the water should not be too hot), put a handful of common salt and immerse your legs in it for 10 minutes. Just scrub one feet with the other. Even left over dirt in your cracked feet will come out. Take out your legs, and dry it with a soft towel. Now apply coconut oil or mustard oil , cover your legs with a plastic carry bag, or wear cotton socks and go to bed. Next morning, there will be a relief in your fissures. If treated like this daily, your feet will become soft and you will be free of cracks and fissures.

7. Mix parrafeene wax (melted)to coconut oil.(60:40 ratio).then,mix it thouroughly till it becomes like soft cream.apply this on cracked heals after warm water wash.wear sox and goodnight sleep.

8. Apply ghee/clarified butter to the cracked heels at night and cover with light socks. You will get rid of cracked heels within week. This will make your feet soft too.

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