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Two women come together to save mother Earth and formed and eco-friendly brand called “Rustic Art”. Rustic Art is a brand of organic, natural and handmade personal care products. They have a range of products that are of everyday use but free of harmful ingredients. The products include bathing soaps, shampoos, hair oil, massage oil, Ale Vera gel, baby oils, variety of laundry products, etc.
Swati Maheshwari, a Communications Consultant by education and Mrs. Sunita Jaju post graduate in Sustainable Development are behind the success of Rustic Art.

Let us find out more about Rustic Art

1. NS When did you first start your venture and how did the idea come about?
Rustic Art: The venture started in November 2010. My aunt, Mrs. Sunita Jaju and I were looking for eco-friendly products for hair and skin care. We always used natural alternatives to the chemical based products available in the market, but we wanted to share the goodness of these with others. That led us to start our own brand of organic, natural and handmade range of personal care.

2. NS: Who is motivating force behind rustic art and your success?
Rustic Art: The basic motivation is our passion towards nature and eco-friendly products and then comes the market response towards the products, which has been extremely positive and motivating. This has kept us going and we have been able to make in-roads in the market and reached our target audience.

3. NS: How do you market your products?
Rustic Art: Honestly, it has been only Word Of Mouth Marketing that has helped us in building the brand. We have not actually invested in advertising so far. Our packaging, point of purchase display and a little bit of social media marketing has only supported the brand.

4. NS: What are the advantages of using organic products?
Rustic Art: The basic advantage is that it’s pure since no chemicals are involved in manufacturing the ingredient. It also means that the product is free of any chemical additives. The personal care products available in market contain SLS, a harsh detergent ideal for cleansing grease. This is obviously not suitable for skin. One should use products that are free of such ingredients or products that use harmless chemical components. Natural products are those that do not have chemical ingredients but the other ingredients might have been produced using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Organic products are free of that as well.

5. NS: Was your ride smooth or you had to face challenges and how do you resolve your challenges?
Rustic Art: No successful entrepreneurial journey can be smooth and we are no exception. We have had some tough time breaking into the market initially. We had a great product and we just went to retail stores asking them to stock our products. It took us a while to set up enough number of outlets through the existing network of stores.

6. NS: What tips would you like to give to budding entrepreneurs?
Rustic Art: Get into any entrepreneurial venture only if it’s your passion. It will give you many a bad days and unless you love what you do, you will never be able to come out successful. Hence, passion is essential.

7. NS: What are your future plans for Rustic Art?
Rustic Art: We are now focusing on expanding our product range. Very soon we will be launching more baby care products and a few cosmetics like lip balms, moisturizers, lip sticks, etc.

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————————-Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.naarisakhi.com

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