EduPsyche: Dr. Bhavi Mody and Dr. Dhaval Mody

1. NS: Tell us something about you and Edupsyche.
Dr. Bhavi Mody: I have been in practice since 1994, completed my graduation and post-graduation after marriage. Have received a gold medal at graduation.
We started our careers in 1994. Having been together since our educational years we shared the same passion. In our practice we realized the growing issues of chronic ailments especially like Asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Allergies and Endocrinal disorders like Thyroid and PCOS, my interest in these cases lead me to believe the psychosomatic nature of these disease.
Dr. Dhaval saw many patients suffering from Mental Illnesses like Depression, Anxiety and other conditions like Bipolar Disorders and Schizophrenia. Here he saw not only the clients suffering but the significant distress the families of these patients too have to go through.
These experiences were the stepping stones that motivated us to pursue our post-graduation. Dr. Dhaval Pursued in Psychiatry while I pursued in Organon and Philosophy.
We pursed our passions and I specialized in holistic approach to various women and child conditions.
Dr. Dhaval subsequent to his education further went to US for further training.
This further culminated in starting Vrudhi Research Foundation, with a mission to ‘Sculpting Minds Shaping Future’.
Over the years we have been working with over 55000 children across city of Mumbai for supporting those with Academic, Behavioral, Career, Developmental and Emotional needs.
As we grew in our experience and expertise we realized the huge gap between the mental health service providers and those seeking mental health services. We also saw the pain of caregivers of those suffering from chronic mental illness, especially in seeking mental health services and subsequently getting medicines. This gave birth to Edupsyche, our company.

A little about Edupsyche, Edupsyche is a multi-disciplinary institute providing a unique combination of Education, Mental Health Care and IT.
We facilitate Promotive, Preventive, Interventional and Rehabilitative care for individuals in all walks of life. Our strengths include our expertise, experience and vision backed up with a strong and dedicated core team whose virtues enable fulfilling the vision of Educating, Evolving and Empowering Individuals.
Edupsyche is conceived primarily for making Mental Health accessible and affordable to all. Our solutions create platforms of service deliverables breaking barriers of conventional approach to Mental Health.
These IT enabled solutions aim to changing individual’s Attitude, Aptitude and Attributes. Thus creating happier individuals, family and organizations making them more functional and empowered. Know more about us here:

2. NS: When did you first start your venture and how did the idea come about?
Dr. Bhavi Mody: Edupsyche was formed in 2014. Having worked for over a decade for mental health through our various initiatives at Vrudhi, we saw a growing need to ensure mental health delivery system.
Edupsyche was thus born with the prime objective of ‘Remoulding Redefining & Refining Mental Health’.
We wanted to reach out to the population at large and ensure better mental health service delivery across the country. With over a decade of experience in the field, we strongly felt that technology was the only way to take things faster all across the country.
With a huge gap between mental health service providers and those seeking services, Psychologists also too few in the country, mostly unavailable to those placed in geographically isolated areas. With the rising number of youth suicides, rising geriatric population with emotional and cognitive issues and increasing number of mental illness in the corporate employee, we thought of addressing the growing mental health needs of the country.
Edupsyche took up the following challenges associated with Mental Health.
• De-stigmatise and Decatastrophise mental health.
• Imparting right Skills and training to mental health professionals.
• Bridging the gap between Mental Health Professionals and those seeking Mental Health Services.
Our solution to this was- “Mentagram”, a mobile application that would use technology to reach all across the country. We launched Mentagram on 15th April this year.
Mentagram, is an innovative, first of its kind mobile application for connecting mental health professionals with clients across the Country. It integrates psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors on a single platform. We like to call it– “Mann ki Baat ab APP ke Saath”.

Men¬ta¬gram, allows users to seek information, have virtual consultations, seek psychological assessments and get medicines. It provides an end to end solution to the user.
Mentagram is a Win- Win for all Clients Psychiatrists, counsellors, psychologists and Corporates.
• For Users:
They can get scientific information on the portal.
Booking online appointments, Video Consultation, Audio Call, Texting with their Professional.
Storing Mental Health Records Online for the entire family.
Seeking online Psychological assessments.
Seeking Prescription and Medicines online.
• For Psychiatrists:
Mentagram works to decrease their dropout rates and help them reach out to clients seeking therapy.
It helps them to maintain an Electronic Medical Health Record.
• For Psychologists/ Counselors:
Works as a back office and front office.
Gives them a virtual platform to have flexi work hours.
• For The Corporates:
It will increase the productivity of their employees and help decrease the DALY – Disability Adjusted Life Years.
Download the mentagram app here:…=com.mentagram
Visit our website to know more about Mentagram:
Our mis¬sion: To make Mental Health Available, Accessible and Affordable to All.

3. NS: Any advice to women to avoid psychological stress and strain during PPD and Menopause?

Dr. Bhavi Mody: Having a baby is a major Life event. Plan your journey well. Parenting is a 24* 7 job.
If you are well prepared you can handle it well.
Around 80% women have “Baby Blues” and about 10% land with severe PPD (Post-Partum Depression). Cause is not known but the changing hormones maybe a reason to it.
Symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression may crop up in pregnancy itself.
• Identify the symptoms and talk to a therapist. PPD can be managed and treated. Avoided If you nip it in the bud.
• Have realistic expectations from self and others. Do not try to be a super mum. Learn to chill and relax. Seek help from your spouse/mother/mother-in-law/relatives just anybody to do some chores for your baby.
• Get enough sleep- sleep when the baby sleeps.
• Take adequate care of your nourishment and do exercise regularly. It releases the happy hormone- Serotonin. Learn Mindful Breathing and relaxation techniques.
• Talk it out- share your concerns, fears, anxiety, emotions. Join a support group.
• If you still feel you can’t manage don’t shy away from professional help. Mentagram was conceived to help moms like you. If not Mentagram then any place you are comfortable but do seek help.
Just like Motherhood, Menopause is again a phase of life where Hormones are fluctuating. There are many other reasons apart from hormones that lead to depression in menopause.
Like PPD this too needs to be managed in a similar fashion – Identify – Relax – Seek Support- Exercise- Nourish and pamper yourself. Techniques differ in case of menopause. Last but not the least do not shy away from Professional help.
Worth reading here is a blog on “When to seek Assistance for a senior citizen”…d=53&read=blog
For more scientific information on any mental health issues visit our blogs

4. NS: What are the services provided by Edu psyche?

Dr. Bhavi Mody: Our services are very much aligned with our Mission.
Remoulding Approach Towards Mental Health

• Right Information and knowledge about Emotional and Mental health
• Right attitude to mental health
• Decatastrophise notions towards Mental health
• Destigmatise Social and Family taboos towards mental health.

Redefining Access to Mental Health

• Changing Mental health delivery system.
• Mental health Now in your hands.
• Appointments, Consultations, Prescriptions, Assessments all through a mobile app.
• Care-Comfort-Cure for mental health

Refining Skills for Mental Health

• Educating masses towards mental health
• Training Mental health professionals for enhancing their skills.
• Evolving a network for collaboration and development of mental health professionals.

5. You and your husband work together, how do you balance professional life and family life?
We share a strong bond, complement each other well, so for us building this business from a scratch, at a time when both of us were very settled in our practice is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. We have well defined roles and each one executes it well. It’s good to have your husband around, to guide you and support you. We do have our disagreements but we handle that well. One thing you need to understand right from the start is that your spouse is not in there to let you down. He/She may not agree with you on a certain point, coz you are 2 different individuals and may think differently. The huge plus here is you get two different opinions and rest assured, comes from people who want to grow the company like no one else. We ensure we spend quality time with each other. When you are a startup trying to make your mark this is not easy! There are days when we discuss a lot of work at home too! I do miss our holidays and the time that we earlier spent together but I understand that if the company has to grow we both need to work hard and give a bit more of ourselves to the company. It’s like we are parents again and Mentagram is our baby. Just waiting to see it Grow Big!

6.NS: What are your future plans for Edu Psyche?
Dr. Bhavi Mody: We have a lot planned for the future; we are taking baby steps now in that direction with the Mentagram app now launched on Google Play store we wish to accelerate our process of reaching out to the masses and corporates. We wish to make Edupsyche and Mentagram a name synonymous to Mental Health so if you think about Emotional and Mental health you should think Mentagram.

Dr. Bhavi Mody’s success mantra:
Believe in the 4 P’s to success- Passion, Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.

Dr. Bhavi’s favorites
Color: Sky blue and light blue
Season: Winter
Movie: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Book: The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. I also like to read the short stories of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
Music: Soft music.

—-Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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