Dr. Reeta Shah

About Dr. Reeta Shah
Dr. Reeta Shah has wide experience in Education and training for last 25 years. She has conducted training sessions for 20+ corporates and organisations including IIT, IIM Indore, ICAI, CRISIL, SOC. GEN., Welingkars, and ISDI. She is appointed as an Independent Director at Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. She is also founder and Director of CREST EDUCATION. CREST EDUCATION conducts seminars for women to empower them and grow professionally as well as personally.
Her Seminars have helped over 25000 people all over India. Her signature program is “Superwoman Unleashed”. She also conducts training programs for Corporates “Super Achiever, Path to Success”, “Super Leader, Grow to Win”, “Superpower Reclaimed” which are most sought after.

There’s a part of her which wanted to help others achieve their goals and complete their dreams. The satisfaction in helping others gives her all the more motivation. She is on a mission of transforming 1, 00,000 women and her goal is to help them achieve extraordinary results to fulfill their dreams. She believes she is here to contribute to others growth and forward their career and dreams. She strongly believes that Woman has all the power and she feels blessed being woman and want all woman to experience grace and power of womanhood.

1. NS: What are the positive qualities you have which makes you successful women?
Dr. Reeta: Determination, Perseverance, Never give up Attitude, Open to learning new things, Bringing excellence in all areas, and People management skill.

2. NS: What message you want to give to women who want to achieve their dream of being an entrepreneur come true but cannot put forth the important first step towards it?
Dr. Reeta: Don’t get stopped by challenges and keep moving on. Be like a river, constantly flowing and moving forward. There may be rocks in your way, you may change direction but don’t get stopped.

3. NS: What are your future career plans?
Dr. Reeta: My life’s mission is about people’s growth and I want to train 1, 00,000 women so that not only they forward in their career but also contribute to India’s growth.
I have plans to conduct seminars for women all over India and contribute to their growth and help them achieve extraordinary results by exploring their true potential.
I also have plans to train and empower women trainer who can partner in this mission of developing and forwarding women in India.

4. How can people get information about your workshops?
Through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/drreetashah/
To register for the seminar click on https://www.facebook.com/drreetashah/events/
Email us on reeta.crest@gmail.com or superwomanunleashed@gmail.com

Dr. Reeta’s Success Mantra
When things don’t work, invent new possibilities and opportunities. Life is about being in action all the time.

Dr. Reeta’s favorites
Color: Blue
Season: Spring
Movie: Arth
Book: The Secret
Music: Old Hindi Songs and Gazals

—————–Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.narisakhi.com

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