BeSpoke Art by Nidhi Kedia

Nidhi Kedia :

1. NS: Tell us something about you and BeSpoke Art.

Nidhi: This is Nidhi Kedia born and bought up in Kolkata now settled in Bangalore. I am a mom to two k ids (4, 7), homemaker and trying to make a name in the creative field. Bespoke Art came to my mind after my younger child was born and I was home enjoying maternal bliss, but the urge to do something pushed me to undertake a diploma course in jewellery designing from The New York Institute of Arts and Design specializing in wire and bead jewellery. Since this was a distant learning course ,I was happy .And since then there is no looking back , people have loved my designs and my work primarily because they are customized ,one of a kind and versatile.
To enhance my entrepreneurial skills I did a management program at IIMB recently in 2015.

2. NS: What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in achieving the success you desire? How do you overcome it? 

Nidhi: For me obstacles are all in the mind, and once we know how to react in testing times, obstacles fade away. For me my greatest obstacle is my cervical pain, and now I have learned how to fight it off.

3. NS: How can viewers place orders with BeSpoke Art?

Nidhi: To order, you can leave a comment or message me on my page and we shall touch base with you very soon. You can also reach me on my blogs or mail at

4. NS: What are your future plans for BeSpoke Art?
1. Open an etsy store
2. Launch a website
3. Hold frequent exhibitions

Nidhi’s favorite:
Season: I love the sight nip in the air, for me it’s the fall and the winters.
Color: I love all colors; they are the medium by which I express myself in terms of mood and mind. Dull colours are a no no for me.
Book: chicken soup for positive thinking, Mrs. Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna is my current favorite coz it’s witty yet hilarious.
Music: soft instrumentals

————————————–Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

Word Weave by Anu Krishna

Word Weave 

1. Tell us something about you and Word Weave.

Anu Krishna: Fun loving, free-spirited and someone who takes challenges head on and unleashes herself through her passion…This may not qualify as a standard initial self-introduction, but I would not be myself through this interview piece if I didn’t express it the way I am and the way I see and feel.
To begin, I am a Commerce Graduate from the University of Bombay who has worked as an Auditor while studying to be a CA with a number of firms, companies and banks that included Raptakos and Brett, Dena Bank, MRF to name a few. I am also a Certified Creative Writer (The Writers Bureau, UK), an NLP Practitioner (NFNLP, USA) and on my way to becoming an NLP Coach. A couple of feathers in my cap would include being an Operations Lead with an education based company, a CMO with an software start up handling Business Development, and a Bangalore Correspondent with a Goan publication, magazine.
I am also a freelance writer with Deccan Herald, a prominent daily newspaper (Art and Culture, Travel and Education sections) and with various other e-zines. The creative bug also extends to writing short stories which have been published in print and online.

About Word Weave:
It was only a matter of time before I realized the bubbling urge for the love of words that I had effectively thrashed into a tight can in exchange for the ‘pre-fit’ world boomeranged right back and once the can opened, the literary world opened a host of opportunities. Dotted with workshops and sessions for years, the need to follow my passion that meant helping people to communicate better, express themselves confidently and evolve their persona by bringing out their best essence, led to the birth of Word Weave; the tagline being ‘where tact meets emotion’! We weave words in a way that it enables people to bridge the gap between tact and emotion and create an impact for themselves. With a string of success stories, the entrepreneur in me only knows how to tactfully have fun with emotions.

I am a trainer and coach and through Word Weave I organize workshops and sessions on Personal Branding and Responsive Communication in conversational English for anyone who wants to re-position themselves effectively to their influencers and makes an impact in their personal or professional space! Personal presence comes before the company or the product/service and at Word Weave, we spruce this up for individuals in a very systematic and time-tested manner.
The current need for professionals, entrepreneurs or aspiring ones, is an effective re-positioning to appear on the radar and get noticed; here’s where I step in and create profiles for them in different versions that can be used by them as introductions, before speeches, in citations, in company brochures, magazines…
A further discovery while doing the workshops, where I understood that people needed to work on their thoughts and channelize them properly to be able unlock their potential and shine through any situation. Hence the ‘inside-out’ motto where I coach my clients to find the strategy within themselves against any challenge in their lives.
The passion for words, the love for children and my childlike enthusiasm fused into Creative Writing and Thinking workshops called ‘Scribble Pad’ where I coach children to direct their creative worm towards story writing in an environment of fun and freedom! ‘Catch them young’ and they express themselves through writing and enhance their life skills is what I aim through these workshops.
Also, I have exclusive coaching sessions on a one-to-one basis for individuals who want to work on any area of their life they feel that they are stuck with.

2. NS: What message you want to give to women who want to achieve their dream of being an entrepreneur come true but cannot put forth the important first step towards it?
Anu Krishna: I run a community for women on Facebook that concentrates on networking and provides women an environment where they can connect, share and learn called ‘Power Women’ and my message to them at the turn of 2016 was,
‘The path maybe long and winding, but your resolve is to conquer and win!
Love what you do, Reveal your true spirit and Go For It’
My five important lessons of entrepreneurship that I want to share with other women who are at crossroads with the first step:
• Walk forward and never look back; the past must be used only as an experience
• Fear is a story that we convince ourselves of; there’s no one who can stop you other than you
• If you have a passion for anything with supporting skills, jump right into it; discover the entrepreneur in you
• Everything that you want lies on the other side of your comfort zone; take that leap
• Go with your instinct; it leads you to a better place
The arena for women entrepreneurs in India is wide and welcoming of anyone who wants to start their own business; whether that’s from home or from an office. “Your dreams are your business; take care of it!”

3. NS: What is your success mantra?
Anu Krishna: Loving what I do and putting my heart into every little interaction, every little workshop and every little detail has seen my business touch the lap of success through my personal touch! This personalized attention on the phone or face-to-face has been in perfect alignment with my conviction, “People and their emotions come first, the other missing pieces find their way into the jigsaw puzzle.”

4. What are your future plans for Word Weave?
Anu Krishna: My dream is for Word Weave to be able to provide coaching to as many people including children to be able to lead better quality lives through the ‘inside-out’ motto where unlocking their potential, allowing them to express and enabling them get to the next level will be of prime most importance. The Creative Writing workshops will see many authors coming forward to lend their support and flash the joys of the writing world with children.
This year Word Weave will be launching workshops/sessions in the ‘Youth Segment’ which will cater to the ages 14-24 in the interest of creating powerful and confident leaders for tomorrow. Also, Word Weave will be collaborating with people like educationists, counsellors and companies who carry the same passion and dream.
Do tune into the Facebook page and my personal cardsite for regular eye-catching updates and the constant ‘wow’ factor!

Anu’s favorite:
Season: Summer and spring where the joys of warmth and blossom keep my dreams always in full bloom.
Color: Blue, Yellow, Black and Red.
Book: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.
Music: Scorpions, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Kishore Kumar, the list is endless…

—Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

Yum Yum recipes

1 .NS: Please provide brief introduction about you and your blogs to narisakhi

Mythreyi: First of all I want to Thank ‘NariSakhi a great Web Platform to support and promote Women Empowerment’ for giving me this opportunity to share my Cooking Blog Yum! Yum! Yum! Journey.
My name is Mythreyi, I am a busy working mom with two young kids and happily married to my dear husband Vijay. Cooking and Gardening are my passions. Music and Moves (dance) are my pleasures. Travel around the world is my dream. I am from India and respect every aspect of our culture and love to follow traditions.
Most of my recipes are spicy, savory and with the focus of healthy ingredients, some of them are from my creative kitchen and some of them are from (my native origin Andhra) my mom’s kitchen and some are alternation of good recipes from friends or that I found in the cook books or browse on the net.
I love to try new restaurants and new cuisines, to know the possibilities of different styles of cooking and ingredients. My dearest friend and superb hubby is a fan of Italian food, and I love Mexican, and both of us agree on Thai. Yes you have got me, means you can find more recipes on these cuisines on my blog. Hence my recipe collection lists from easy recipes to international, but not just limited to Indian recipes.
Cooking with my darling kiddos has been fun lately in my kitchen, these days I am adding lot of kid friendly recipes and healthy lunchbox ideas for kids on my blog. My son Abhi encouraged me to start my own Cookery Channel, with his inspiration I have stared my own YouTube Cookery Channel, Yum Yum Yum Recipes where I bring my healthy recipes to your kitchen. Recently My daughter Anvi started creating new healthy recipes for kids in my kitchen, she is planning to bring Easy Video Recipes for kids, can’t wait for that moment. My husband is lucky taste tester and awesome critic for my dishes. He always provides his candid feedback and constant support that helps me to improve more. He is the mind behind light and camera when I am in action! 🙂
I am blessed to have a wonderful supporting family in my cooking blog journey.

2. NS: Which is one electronic item in the kitchen you think you can cook a meal without it and why?
Mythreyi: My Panasonic 3 Jar Mixie (Indian Style Blender) is the most essential electronic gadget I rely on for my cooking in the kitchen. Most of my dishes are prepared with freshly made masalas, pastes or spice powders, so Mixie plays very vital role in my cooking. Chutney (Roti Pachadi) is favorite item on our family table which I make almost every day by using Mixie. 🙂

3. NS: How did you develop a love for cooking and food? Did you cook with your parents while growing up?
Mythreyi : I love cooking since I was a kid, still remember those days when I made potato chips when mom is not at home along with my sister. Day by day trying some sought of new recipes has become fun and cooking became passion for me. And then came the opportunity to stay in the room with my wonderful friends in those good old college days, which means opportunity to cook more on my own :-). In those days even with limited kitchen gadgets I used to make superb dishes like Fried Rice, Gutti Vankaya to name a few. After the graduate school I came to USA (Dallas, TX) for my Masters and went to UTD. When I lived in the Dorms of UTD, still did not stop cooking. Fried Noodles, Chole Dum Biryani are some delicacies to name.

4. NS: Which is the important ingredient in cooking and why?
Mythreyi: Herbs and Spices are important ingredients in my cooking, because these are packed with flavor and enhances the taste, color and aroma of the dish. Most of the time I can’t cook a dish without Cilantro or Curry Leaves or Turmeric! :-). For ex: A pinch of Turmeric in Tempering will give a new look to your Dish and I can’t imagine Paneer Butter Masala without Dry Kasoori Methi and meat ( Chicken) dish won’t happen without Cinnamon and Clove.

Mythreyi’s Favorites recipe

Mythreyi : “Mostly I love any Rice Dishes and Vegetables. Brinjal (Vankaya / Eggplant / Kattirika) is my all time favorite. And after coming to States I developed interest for Cauliflower, Broccoli Zucchini and many other exotic vegetables. Dum Biryani and Pulao Rice Dishes are the one I fall for and can’t resist. Veg Bum Biryani, Vankaya Biryani, Cauliflower Biryani are my fav dishes from my blog.

Veg Dum Biryani

Click here for complete recipe

Egg Dum Biryani

Click Here for complete recipe.

Mythreyi’s Favorites
Color: Yellow
Season: Spring / summer
Cuisine: Indian, Mexican
Book: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
Music: Bollywood/Tollywood Film Music, Carnatic, Meditation and Calming Music

—-Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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Vishakha Singh: Founder of

1. NS: Tell us something about you and Red Polka.

Vishakha: A major part of my career has been in the media field where I have worked with top media conglomerates like The Times Group, Future Media and Network18 for over 15 years. I was a part of launch team of Times Now. We worked towards making Times Now no. 1 channel in the general news space. It was during my stint in The Times Group that I was exposed to consumer behavioural trends towards brands. After Times Now, I moved to Future Media, a Kishore Biyani firm, which is out and out about understanding consumers’ behaviour. After a 2 year stint with Future Media, I felt it was time to go on my own with my shopper marketing agency. I knew my strengths—understanding shopper behaviour and women fashion. So, I founded Red Polka, an e-comm enabling portal targeted at women shoppers.
Red Polka is a platform for women shoppers to discover & buy curated fashion and lifestyle designs. We devote ourselves to discovering new and hidden designers from all over the country. Our team of curators handpick the best of the best from the designers and we showcase a curated collection via a weekly fashion edition which has gained popularity among our audience. We get a repeat traffic of 35% on daily basis to our site.
In a nutshell, Red Polka stands for the chosen one! – Designs that are chosen from the fashion and lifestyle range. It is a podium to discover, crave, love and talk about curated designs in fashion and lifestyle shopping, be it from a designer label, or from the lady next-door, from high-streets to shopping web portals.
Red Polka, the DOS Interactive Pvt Ltd initiative, is targeted at women shoppers in the age bracket of 23 plus. Designer brands pay a fee to register with Red Polka to showcase their products. Currently, we are working with more than 150 such designers and retailers who we have discovered for the shoppers.

2. NS: How is red polka different from other online stores?
Vishakha: In the last one year, we have seen many big players entering fashion discovery space. Since it is a new space, new models are being experimented with and that’s what makes all of us different from each other. In our case, we rely heavily on interest graphs of our audience which we generate with the help of analytics.
We are a curation led fashion discovery portal which means that even if our designers launch a big collection, we choose the best of the crème of their line and showcase them on our site. The weekly fashion editions are backed by stories behind the brand and the designers. Our column Tuesday Tales is particularly gaining popularity. In a nutshell, we are passionate storytellers who curate fashion and lifestyle designs and enable upcoming designers to broaden their market reach.

3. NS: What is your success mantra?

Vishakha: Our success mantra is to not to lose focus of our shoppers. We believe we are catering to independent thinking women who are intelligent and are updated about global trends in the fashion industry. Thus, we keep in tandem with the latest fashion trends in the industry and the success of curation led model and proved it time and again that we are able to showcase the best and the latest for the shoppers.
On the other hand, we have our designers. We believe they are creating something exciting and we have taken it upon themselves to let the World know about them. Thus, we place a special focus on telling their stories, bringing these powerhouses of talent under one roof so that the creativity flows without any limits.

4.NS: What are your future plans for red polka?

Vishakha: We have gone live with a new and upgraded version of our website a few days back. We are adding some new features in the coming months. We are also in a team expansion mode. It is extremely important for us to attract the right talent. We have hired Parnil Mhatre as CTO whose forte is artificial intelligence. The company will be developing AI aided algorithms to curate fashion and lifestyle designs for women shoppers.

Vaisakha’s favourites
Season: Baarish
Colour: White
Music: All kinds
Fashion Designer: All on Red Polka

—-Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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Meena Shah: StarChild Education

Meena Shah and StarChild Education:

Meena: I am a teacher who has been in the educational field since 30 years. Since I was a child, I have been very passionate about teaching. It was my dream to be a teacher and I have achieved my dream.
I began teaching the pre-primary section at Amrit Jyoti School, Ahmedabad at the age of 20 and later, went on to teach students from 5th to 10th. I also taught the secondary students at Udgam School, Ahmedabad.
I worked with TOI’s Newspaper In Education (NIE) program and later, went on to found the Workshop Fun n Learn, which was unique as we taught Maths and English through fun and hands on activities.
When we shifted to Mumbai, I worked as a curriculum planner at Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd. (Billabong Schools) I was part of Ms. Lina Asher’s core team.
After 7 years, once again, life took an unexpected turn and we shifted residence. Since my son was very young and I had no support system, I decided to give up my job. I then decided to start my own preschool, Kinderland. I ran it successfully for 6 years until another setback. I was very upset but decided that I must not let anything deter me and must continue to do what I liked best and that was: teaching.
As a mother, I taught my son and made revision papers for him. As I did so, I felt I must take this forward and write a complete book. Parents who are teaching their children would definitely find my book useful. With this thought in mind, I began my next venture: Starchild Companion and Workbook for Std.5 (for my son, Kahaan was then in Std. 5).The book was a success and I have now written many educational workbooks for children. These are: Starchild Workbook and Companion for Std. V, VI, VII, Li’l Genius series for the English Olympiads (std. 1 -8) and Trailblazer series for Science Olympiads (std. 1-8) and the Achiever Language and Composition book for Std. 6.
At the moment, I am updating my first book for its third edition.
I also conduct personal tuitions at my residence where I teach children English and other subjects.
Many women have recently approached me to teach them to speak English. I realized how eager they were and how it would help them in their lives. Thus, I now also teach ladies to speak English.
I am very grateful to God that I am in a profession which has helped me touch many lives in a positive way.

1. NS: When did you first start your venture and how did the idea come about?
Meena: As I taught my students, I often wanted to give them ready made worksheets. This would save a lot of time which goes in copying questions. I would search the internet for them but found that the worksheets were not suitable to the Indian syllabi. I began creating my own worksheets.
This also gave me the idea of starting Starchild Education and Learning. With this, I can help parents who require such worksheets to revise, review and practice. Thus, on 30th October 2015, I launched my venture. Parents are responding and I am so glad that I can help them.
I have now designed worksheets for parents of Lilavati Podar School, R.N. Podar, Vibgyor High, Children’s Academy, Lokhandwala Foundation School and RBK Global School.
Parents tell me the grade, subject and topics covered. I make the worksheets according to their needs.

2. NS: What advice you would like to give to parents about educating and training children?
Meena: I believe parents must be role models to children. Today’s children are very smart and one must walk the talk.
Parents must inculcate a healthy, positive value system in children. Teach them about love, truth, honesty, loyalty and friendship.
Teach them that one studies not for others but for oneself. The knowledge that they gather as they educate themselves will take them places.
I do not believe in intense competition. Thus, study not because you want to be better than the other but because it is gives you knowledge, information and the grades will come by themselves.
Parents must participate in the education of their children by making learning interesting and fun.

3. NS: How can people contact you regarding your services?
Meena: Parents can visit my Facebook page Starchild Education and Learning by Meena Shah ( and leave a message there. I will get in touch with them immediately.
They can also email me at

Meena’s favorite
Season: Monsoon. I love the rains!
Book: Reading is my favorite hobby. I have enjoyed many books and have many favorites.
Music: I enjoy all kinds of music. I love the Beatles, Abba, Al Stewart, as well as Santana and Pink Floyd!
Movie: I rarely watch movies. I only watch those which have received good reviews. Often after many months of the movie’s release!

—Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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Jayashree Ravi founder of Paper Mantras

About Jayashree Ravi and Paper Mantras:
Jayashree: Hi. I am Jayashree Ravi, the Founder and Artist of Paper Mantras. Paper Mantras was started in 2014 when I was back in India. Paper Mantras started as a hobby, now has become a part of my life. At Paper Mantras, I design handmade jewelry out of paper, beads, etc.; At Paper Mantras, I also design Photo frames, handmade gifts, name boards, wall decors, home decors, etc.; Basically, I try my hands at all possible forms of crafts.
Paper Mantras started as a hobby which then turned into a small time venture, as I am into a fulltime job. Paper Mantras moto is to spread the love of handmade and crafting. I believe by teaching craft; you learn it twice. So regular online/offline workshops are conducted.
You can see my creations on my Facebook page –

1. NS: What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in achieving the success you desire? How do you overcome it? 
Jayashree: Time Management seemed to be a great obstacle initially. But now I’ve mastered managing time. Being in a fulltime job and managing a venture so close to art is an art by itself. You just have to prioritize things in the right order.

2. NS: Tell us the process of placing orders with Paper Mantras.
Jayashree: Currently, I am based in Singapore. If anyone wishes to place an order of existing designs, they can go through my page and get in touch with me through my page. In case, if they have a design in their mind, Paper Mantras will try its best to replicate it.

3. NS: What are your future plans for Paper Mantras?
Jayashree: I believe learning never ends. So, I am always thirsty for learning new crafts. As I said earlier, I am a strong believer of “To teach the art, is to learn the art twice”. Establishing my brand Paper Mantras to a larger audience in my current location Singapore is my prime focus now.

Jayashree’s favorite:
Season: Summer. Just the colors of Summer make us drool. Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons. There are a lot of reasons for that. I could say, that summer is favorite season not only for me, but for a lot of people.
Color: Black
Book: Princess Sulthana by Jean Sasson.
Music: A big fan of A.R. Rahman. All his albums.

—Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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Prateeti Shukla founder of Art Blend Cafe

Prateeti Shukla
Prateeti Shukla has 12+ years of IT experience, and food is her passion. She always wanted to enter into food industry, and Art Blend Cafe is result of that. She wanted to create a space where people not only come for food but for a different experience, this is how Art Blend Cafe was born.
Art Blend Cafe
Art Blend – Coffee with a Hobby aspires to create a space for artists as well as those with an artistic germ, coffee lovers or lovers of conversation. It is the ideal place for meeting up with friends, spending quality time with those you love, learning a new craft, painting with some caffeine kick, or simply to dig into that book you have been wanting to finish from a long time. Art Blend Café runs regular art and craft workshops covering jewellery making, clay modelling, bunting, origami, embossing and much more. It also provides space for artists, photographers and crafters to display their works.

1. NS: How is Art Blend Café different from other Café?
Prateeti Shukla: Art Blend Café is known today because of its unique concept of blending Art with Food, and people like this place, as we have lot to offer to them. We run Workshops, conduct classes, display and sell all sorts of Art and Craft. We have board games to engage our guest while the food is served. We also host events on occasions like Women’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. We also conduct birthday and kitty parties with craft activities, which is a hit amongst kids and ladies. Kids enjoy birthday parties here because we have “Make it take it Return Gift” concept.

2. NS: What is Art Blend Café Vision?
Prateeti Shukla: We want to see Art Blend Cafe growing in all parts of India, so very soon we will be open for Franchise.

3. NS: What about other female entrepreneurs? Any tips for them
Prateeti Shukla: I think all female entrepreneurs are doing well these days, especially at urban places. Women have more will power compared to men, and if they decide to go ahead and start their venture nobody can stop them. They will do much better than men, as they are more dedicated and laborious.
So my tips for all female entrepreneurs would be to go behind your dreams, and when you succeed its altogether a different experience which cannot be expressed in words.

Prateeti’s Favorite:
Season: Winters
Book: Ladies Who Launch, by Victoria Colligan, Beth Schoenfeld with Amy Swift.
Artist: Jagjit Singh
Music: Gazals and all-time favorite old Hindi songs
Movie: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

—Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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Shilpa Mittal founder of Shilpnutrilife

1 NS: .Tell us something about you and shilpsnutrilife?

Shilpa Mittal: l did my masters in food science and nutrition from SNDT and is a merit rank holder.
Founder of Shilpsnutrilife, Diet and lifestyle makeover, is total and practical health solution for lifetime.
I am skilled professional with more than 16 years of experience, have 2 clinics one at Kandivali and Borivali, Mumbai. I also do online consultation.
I have an android app “shilpsnutrilife” through which one can request a diet plan, check the current health status and keep themselves updated with health and nutrition related posts through nutrifeed.
I have clients from all across the globe and have catered to More than 5000 clients.
My Expertise include

  • Individual Diet Consultation
  • Writing Articles
  • Menu Planning For Corporate
  • Health Workshops
  • Diet Planning For Health Disorders like Diabetes, High B.P, Thyroid, Cardiac Disorder, Kidney Disorders, Liver Disorders, Anemia, Gout, Weight Management, weight loss, weight gain, PCOD, pregnancy, kids health. -Nutrition Awareness Programs for schools, colleges, offices, general population at large of different age groups etc. Done through Nutrition pep Talk, Presentations, games and activities.
  • Kids workshop
  • Online diet charts:-online food charts, dietary advise and guidelines based on the client history
  • Kitchen makeovers
  • Grocery shopping

2. NS: What is your health mantra?
“Give a person food,
Feed him for a day,
Teach him about food,
Help him stay healthy for rest of his life.”
This is what we at shilpsnutrilife do….aiming to create a healthy nation.
Focus on being healthy rest is automatically taken care of.

3. NS: What every woman should keep in mind while planning a meal for the family?
Shilpa Mittal:
• Schedule time each week to plan a healthy weekly or daily menu, this helps in shopping healthier groceries and also preparing healthier meals.

• Choose whole grains like whole wheat, jowar, bajra.
• Limit the use of visible fat and salt especially while cooking.
• Read the labels of packaged foods.
• Cook at home more often.
• Keep high calorie food, sweets, farsan out of sight; instead keep your pantry and fridge stocked with healthy foods that are lower in sodium and fat.
• Allow each family member to choose the menu on a regular rotation. Encourage healthy habits by getting your children involved. Ask them to choose a favorite meal. Encourage your family to try a new food or recipe every now and then.
• Use healthier cooking methods like roasting, baking, pressure cooking.
• Eat dinner as a family whenever possible.
• Last but not the least keep in mind the health condition if any of the family members.

4. NS: Any diet tips for women’s health and beauty.
Shilpa Mittal:
• Give yourself priority. …The 1st and foremost
• Do not skip breakfast due to lack of time or for that matter any meal of the day.
• Hydrate well.
• Do not remain hungry for long periods especially after waking up in the morning milk, channa, fruits.
• Have a few nuts like almonds and walnuts.
• Include greens in your diet 4-5 times a week like have coriander paratha or palak chutney.
• Have a glass of milk every day.
• Have a tsp of alsi (Flaxseeds) powder every day.
• Eat 2-3 seasonal fruits a day.
• Go in for an annual health checkup.
• Exercise or go for walks even if 10 -10 mins is fine.

5. NS: What advice would you give to people willing to start a healthier lifestyle?
Shilpa Mittal: A better tomorrow starts today. Eat well Move more Live longer…don’t give up the beginning is always the hardest.
Don’t go a diet, let it grow on you accept it as a lifestyle, enjoy it.

6. NS: How can people reach you for consultations?
Shilpa Mittal: Through my website
Or mail me at
Or through my FB page
Or through my android app…hilpsnutrilife

Shilpa’s favorite
Season: spring
Cuisine: south Indian
Book: ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale
Music: Ghazals by Jagjit Singh

–Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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Bhakti Mittal, founder of Euphoria Edu world

1. NS: Tell us something about you and your venture 
Bhakti Mittal: I am Bhakti Mittal, Founder of Euphoria Edu World. I am the luckiest and proud woman entrepreneur rather you can call me, a Mompreneur who is having back up of very strong and sweet family of two smart children and a very supportive husband. I belong to Delhi but started and established my business from very well known city for business expansion that is Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
I believe that God gives everyone a motive and a passion to live the life happily. From the teen age I was passionate to work in education sector to fulfil the huge gap between real life and the education. My motive behind Euphoria Edu World is to focus on continuous development in early child education to improve the quality education with all around growth, development and innovative solutions.
Euphoria Edu World is an initiative towards enhancing the learning and education processes with the sole objective of bringing a meaningful transformation to every human life by exploring the true potential of their brain.

Lot many educational institutions, companies have focused on quality academics with co-curricular activities but only Euphoria Edu World have come up with the solutions for authentic, scientifically designed and age appropriate education pattern and motivational, creative or innovative educational solutions for quality education and business development.
Uniqueness is also highlighted by the applied concept of beautiful blend of the rich culture and promising values of Indian heritage, with the modernized logistic thought process and the way of education, so that one who walking out of our institution, stands beaming into the rough and arid environment of today’s new world.
We do not embark on saying alone, seeing and believing would be the proof of our efforts.

2. NS: What are the services offered by Euphoria Edu World?
Bhakti Mittal:
a) Parents partnership programs
We at euphoria Edu world have designed good parenting programmes, sessions to learn, how to engage kids with simple innovative activities, storytelling sessions for wellbeing, fun games, and craft with mom, daddy’s day out, and many more interesting programmes.
We organise special children workshops for BEING GOOD.
1. Behaviour problems in children – Problems and Solutions.
2. Adolescence development – Development, Problems and Disorders.
3. Help me be GOOD – Reasons, Understanding, Treating, and Defence.

b) Multiple Intelligence program.
Euphoria Edu World’s multiple intelligence programme, we are providing suitable learning environments for our children, according to the characteristics of each development phase and inborn multiple intelligence. We are nurturing our children foster their intellectual development and explore the full potential of their brain functions.
It is a new way of flexible learning, aiming to inspire children’s interest in studying, and to stimulate their brain power. Our effective teaching aids , helping children to strengthen their abilities and develops skills in observation, communication, logical thinking, spatial imagination, thinking skills, problem solving and idea association, fine and gross motor skills and social and emotional development and many more……..
c) Consultancy for pre schools
In this we emphasis on all around development and enhance the intellectual, creative, cognitive, motor and socio-emotional development of children from pre schools.
By keeping the children occupied and creating a constructive routine, we encourage them to explore, to be imaginative and discover their distinct stamp of individuality.
We are complete one stop solution to run the preschool smoothly. We are specialised in making syllabus and academic planners, organise parent’s orientation programmes and workshops. We organise all kind of monthly and annual celebrations, Sports events, health checkups, and all kind of business and promotional activities for advertising and branding.
d) IIAD (Inborn Intelligence analysis and development) TEST
It is an Easiest, Authentic and Scientific TEST through Dermatoglyphic for mapping, what is your child’s Brain GOOD at?
It is a science in which the patterns presented on your finger tips are studied to know the level of multiple intelligence or sub intelligence, personality and behaviour of the child, inborn talent, IQ, CQ, EQ and AQ of the child, learning style and sensibility, leadership qualities and many more…..

3. NS: What advice you would like to give to parents to raise a successful child?
Bhakti Mittal: Child’s mind is the most precious resource in the world, so there are many ways that you can provide for the mental and emotional development of your child. Always read to your child, inculcate good listening habits, give accurate answers to their questions, do not lie, encourage them on every step they are, encourage creativity and responsibility, share the life experiences with them, do not train them but expose them to the surrounding world, they are the best copycat in the world so provide the way language is used and for the social behaviour, always boost their confidence, emotional stability and freedom.

4. NS: What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in achieving the success you desire? How do you overcome it?
Bhakti Mittal: While taking initiative for changing the attitude towards the education, the greatest challenge I faced that the Parents now a days are not ready to accept the new ways of flexible learning and learning of their own children, the older education has its own set impressions which are very much deep in one’s mind and habits. But with the constant efforts and unique conceptual programmes like parents partnership programmes, parenting sessions, children workshops for Being GOOG and IIAD test and Multiple intelligence programmes we have ensured parents satisfaction through technical and human excellence and provide quality learning, services and solutions that meet or exceed requirements of new generation’s high expecting demands.
Bhakti’s favorites:
Season – spring
Colour – blue
Book – Gita…the holy book
Music – classical Hindi, Marathi

–Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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Trupti More: founder of Trupti’s Craft

Trupti More and her venture Trupti’s Craft

Trupti: Hello, my name is Trupti More. I was born and bought up in Maharashtra. Now it’s been 15 years I am living in America. I am a mom of 3 wonderful kids. Trupti’s Craft came in mind when my oldest kid was born. Couple of years I was making bead jewelry then I got interested in origami mostly, 3d origami. 6 years back I saw my first paper quilling product photo on Facebook. Then I did some research about it. I was amazed by this beautiful art so I decided to learn paper quilling. At that time, I did not find anyone who can give me lessons so I learned everything by watching YouTube videos, reading books and off course internet. Now I am selling my paper quilling products all over USA. I am also giving paper quilling classes online as well as in person. I also conduct paper quilling and origami parties.

1. NS: Who is motivating force behind your success?
Trupti: I was motivated by all great paper quilling artists from all over the world.

2. NS: What advice would you give to women who want to be an entrepreneur?
Follow your passion and you will get success

3. NS: What are your future plans for your business?
Trupti: I would like to open one paper quilling studio where I can showcase my creativity and teach this beautiful art to everyone.

4. NS: How can viewers place orders with Trupti’s Craft?


• Send an email to
• Leave a message or comment on my Facebook page
• Leave a comment on my blog post
• Better way to order customized product email me.

Trupti’s Favorite:
Season: Spring.
Color: I love all light colors but mostly light pink and sky blue.
Music: Soft music

–Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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