Binal and Ashishwang: Sizzling Spicewok

Binal Zaveri-Ghelani has been the vegetarian international gourmet all her life. While food was always on the menu, Binal worked as Assistant Editor – Femina, Marketing Communications Manager – Westin Pune, Senior Correspondent – The Times of India, Campus Coordinator – and Layout Editor –
Ashishwang Godha’s previous work life too was always integrally bound around food and culinary adventures. She signed off her full-time journalism career as Editor – Savvy Cookbook and continued to write on and consult with various leading publications on all matters related to food and dining. Binal and AshishWang came up with Spicewok ( a culinary website that goes beyond restaurant listings. Rather, it gives a comprehensive picture of the world of food – globally and in your city. It was launched in November 2011 as a Pune-centric website and is on a growth path. Under Spicewok’s umbrella are reviews of new eateries, food trails, recipes from chefs and readers, listings of all F&B venues in the city, global food news and trends, and a foodie’s guide to the food festivals and promotions.

Let us find out what is sizzling in spicewok from Binal and Ashishwang 

1. NS: How did you come up with the idea of spicewok?

Spicewok: Our common love for food, and a desire to look beyond our non-food related jobs, got the spice in the wok brewing over a coffee. Spicewok is a brand-new website that we have launched for a growing and hungry Pune market. With our years of experience in food writing, we bring to the site an in-depth knowledge of the vast world of food, immense experience with food reviewing and a keen insight into the workings of the media.

2. NS: Currently spicewok is Pune Centric; do you see it growing all over India?
Spicewok: Pune is a foodie city with a young population, so it made sense to launch here. But we are certainly on a growth path and will keep up with the demands of the market and of our users.

3. NS: What you have to say about honesty of reviews on spicewok?

SpiceWok: Our USP is clearly the fact that our reviews are clean and unbiased. In a media world where the line between the paid and the unpaid is fast blurring, the culinary world needs a voice that stays sane. We want to provide our readers that voice of an unbiased reviewer.

4. NS: Who are the people who are instrumental in your success?
Spicewok: What works beautifully between the two of us is that one picks up where the other has left off. And that is the biggest contributor to our success. We’re also lucky to have husbands who’ve doubled up as our sounding boards for new ideas. They give us the space to take on the responsibility of a start-up and are constantly pushing us to do better and grow faster.

5. NS: What do you think are the areas that an entrepreneur should give prime importance to?
Spicewok: Be true to your business, stay clean and keep your nose above the all the various advice, well-meaning and otherwise, floating around. Have a vision. Don’t let the competition give you grey hair. Technology is in a change of constant flux…keep up!

6. NS: What difficulties women has to face being an entrepreneur and what are the strengths women has to be a successful women entrepreneur?
Spicewok: Difficulties – being metro-bred girls, I don’t really think we faced any difficulties at all. Strengths are several: People are more open to listening when women speak; they take you seriously when you prove your worth. You have the right to say no and it is accepted without too much pleading.

7. NS: Did you make any mistakes related to your business and if so what did you learn from it?
Spicewok: While your passion is of primary significance, don’t put money on a lower pedestal. We learnt that a glib-taker is not always a deliverer.

8. NS: What advice would you give to women who want to be an entrepreneur?
Spicewok: Be confident, know your job, deliver on time and as promised and you will be respected.

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