Bhakti Mittal, founder of Euphoria Edu world

1. NS: Tell us something about you and your venture 
Bhakti Mittal: I am Bhakti Mittal, Founder of Euphoria Edu World. I am the luckiest and proud woman entrepreneur rather you can call me, a Mompreneur who is having back up of very strong and sweet family of two smart children and a very supportive husband. I belong to Delhi but started and established my business from very well known city for business expansion that is Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
I believe that God gives everyone a motive and a passion to live the life happily. From the teen age I was passionate to work in education sector to fulfil the huge gap between real life and the education. My motive behind Euphoria Edu World is to focus on continuous development in early child education to improve the quality education with all around growth, development and innovative solutions.
Euphoria Edu World is an initiative towards enhancing the learning and education processes with the sole objective of bringing a meaningful transformation to every human life by exploring the true potential of their brain.

Lot many educational institutions, companies have focused on quality academics with co-curricular activities but only Euphoria Edu World have come up with the solutions for authentic, scientifically designed and age appropriate education pattern and motivational, creative or innovative educational solutions for quality education and business development.
Uniqueness is also highlighted by the applied concept of beautiful blend of the rich culture and promising values of Indian heritage, with the modernized logistic thought process and the way of education, so that one who walking out of our institution, stands beaming into the rough and arid environment of today’s new world.
We do not embark on saying alone, seeing and believing would be the proof of our efforts.

2. NS: What are the services offered by Euphoria Edu World?
Bhakti Mittal:
a) Parents partnership programs
We at euphoria Edu world have designed good parenting programmes, sessions to learn, how to engage kids with simple innovative activities, storytelling sessions for wellbeing, fun games, and craft with mom, daddy’s day out, and many more interesting programmes.
We organise special children workshops for BEING GOOD.
1. Behaviour problems in children – Problems and Solutions.
2. Adolescence development – Development, Problems and Disorders.
3. Help me be GOOD – Reasons, Understanding, Treating, and Defence.

b) Multiple Intelligence program.
Euphoria Edu World’s multiple intelligence programme, we are providing suitable learning environments for our children, according to the characteristics of each development phase and inborn multiple intelligence. We are nurturing our children foster their intellectual development and explore the full potential of their brain functions.
It is a new way of flexible learning, aiming to inspire children’s interest in studying, and to stimulate their brain power. Our effective teaching aids , helping children to strengthen their abilities and develops skills in observation, communication, logical thinking, spatial imagination, thinking skills, problem solving and idea association, fine and gross motor skills and social and emotional development and many more……..
c) Consultancy for pre schools
In this we emphasis on all around development and enhance the intellectual, creative, cognitive, motor and socio-emotional development of children from pre schools.
By keeping the children occupied and creating a constructive routine, we encourage them to explore, to be imaginative and discover their distinct stamp of individuality.
We are complete one stop solution to run the preschool smoothly. We are specialised in making syllabus and academic planners, organise parent’s orientation programmes and workshops. We organise all kind of monthly and annual celebrations, Sports events, health checkups, and all kind of business and promotional activities for advertising and branding.
d) IIAD (Inborn Intelligence analysis and development) TEST
It is an Easiest, Authentic and Scientific TEST through Dermatoglyphic for mapping, what is your child’s Brain GOOD at?
It is a science in which the patterns presented on your finger tips are studied to know the level of multiple intelligence or sub intelligence, personality and behaviour of the child, inborn talent, IQ, CQ, EQ and AQ of the child, learning style and sensibility, leadership qualities and many more…..

3. NS: What advice you would like to give to parents to raise a successful child?
Bhakti Mittal: Child’s mind is the most precious resource in the world, so there are many ways that you can provide for the mental and emotional development of your child. Always read to your child, inculcate good listening habits, give accurate answers to their questions, do not lie, encourage them on every step they are, encourage creativity and responsibility, share the life experiences with them, do not train them but expose them to the surrounding world, they are the best copycat in the world so provide the way language is used and for the social behaviour, always boost their confidence, emotional stability and freedom.

4. NS: What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in achieving the success you desire? How do you overcome it?
Bhakti Mittal: While taking initiative for changing the attitude towards the education, the greatest challenge I faced that the Parents now a days are not ready to accept the new ways of flexible learning and learning of their own children, the older education has its own set impressions which are very much deep in one’s mind and habits. But with the constant efforts and unique conceptual programmes like parents partnership programmes, parenting sessions, children workshops for Being GOOG and IIAD test and Multiple intelligence programmes we have ensured parents satisfaction through technical and human excellence and provide quality learning, services and solutions that meet or exceed requirements of new generation’s high expecting demands.
Bhakti’s favorites:
Season – spring
Colour – blue
Book – Gita…the holy book
Music – classical Hindi, Marathi

–Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor,

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