Banana Milk Shake

Banana is the power food and Dates good source of iron, Almonds will give added benefit of vitamin E. This milk shake is good during busy time and you dont have time to eat food. This will keep you feeling for a long time.

1 Ripe Banana /पका हुआ केला
Glass of Milk/ Almond / Rice /Soy 1 गिलास दूध
2 dates desseded/दो खजूर
5 almonds /5 बादाम
1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder/1/4 चम्मच इलायची पाउडर

English Version 

Hindi Version 

Soak almonds in water for 4-5 hours and remove skin.
Remove seeds from dates.
Cut banana roughly.
Add all the Ingredients to the blender and blend well.
If you want thicker version , add less milk.
You can also add few ice cubes. I used cold milk.

* You can add flax seeds to milk shake or smoothies. Flax seeds are good for skin, hair and eyes. They are store house of omega 3 fatty acids.
* If you are using almond milk then replace almond with walnuts.

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