Manglorean chana Gassi|Vegan chickpea curry in coconut

January 26, 2019 naariSakhi 0

Chana Gassi Quick Vegan Chickpea curry is spicy and goes well with rice.  Tips: If you are using dry chickpeas then soak chickpeas for 5-6 hous. Drain the water and cook with fresh water adding salt.  If you are using chickpeas from the tin then make sure you be careful […]

Fresh Lima Beans Usal-Olya Pavtyachi Usal

January 21, 2019 naariSakhi 0

Oly pavtyachi usal is typical Konkan food. Fresh Lima beans tastes better and less bitter. Simple Usal can be served with roti, or rice and dal. Remove the skin of the beans to make it less bitter in taste Ingredients 2 tsp oil ¼ tsp Mustard Seeds ¼ cup chopped […]